world’s coolest discord

Renowned for platinum-tier emojis, alpha legendary shitposts, and on demand memes, crypto’s best entertainment themed gathering hole also offers these features


Crypto Central

  • Tip over 25 cryptos by command, including $HAUS

  • Escrow for trading and wagers

  • Lottos, raffles, and giveaways (unless we forget)

  • On demand charts with custom indicators, frames, and exchanges

  • News feeds, tweets, and reddit RSS piped in

  • No-skill freelance crypto work

  • Live dangerous and click links in the dedicated coin spam channel

  • Dedicated crypto tech and mining channels if you want to be serious

much bot, so automation - WOW

Bots are a big part of the Crypto FunHaus server. We have casino bots, waifu bots, gaming bots, chart bots, price bots, meme bots, gif bots, joke bots, emojify bots, and on and on. Our bot roster is deep and command list is over 1,000.

We have a #bot-instructions channel that has links to command lists. Most dedicated channels have the commands pinned as well. You can always DM a bot (+/?/%)help.

When you enter the Haus you can self-assign roles that reflect your favorite cryptos. Choose from roles like

  • BTC Maximalist

  • Stinky Linky

  • Arkie

  • Nocoiner

Different roles offer different permissions as well. The more closed and centralized the coin the role is named after, the less features and functionalities you’ll be able to use. WOW!


Shitpost, your way

If you’ve spent any amount of time on crypto-centric chats, you’ll know that most mods (and posters for that matter) are idiots.

Rather than shunning people for wanting to see a trap furry, or banning people who spam referral links, we’ve just made designated areas for those people to do their thing. The only thing you can’t do in the FunHaus are things which are blatantly illegal.

Come in and be a total degenerate if you want. Just follow the #Haus-rules and don’t bemoan your Hausmates.

HAUS TRC-10 Token

1 TRX = 5 HAUS

Participate on Tronscan


18 Month UTO

There’s a decent sized collection of people in crypto who are committed to the lost cause of PoW and adamant that a coin can only launch fairly through PoW consensus mechanisms. We’re here to tell you that they are living in past and incredibly wrong. Look at Grin’s 2019 launch with ASICs and no AMD miner. So fair, right?

The reality is that GPUs cost money. ASICs cost money. FGPAs cost a lot of development time and money. Taking part in an ITO costs little money (<$.05) and no time.

What’s the difference?

With a fixed price of 1 TRX = 5 HAUS through October 2020, we have given anyone the opportunity to easily take part in the HAUS launch. If you can get Tron and a Tron wallet, you can buy HAUS. If you can shitpost or meme, you can get a lot of free HAUS. If you just pay attention to our server giveaways and twitter, you’ll get buku HAUS. We will have some of the best distribution of any coin/token - period.

Justin Sun.png

our ethos

Just take a look at TronScan for block 6202390.

You’ll notice that the witness to our genesis block was none other than Justin Sun himself. #Blessed

Relevant Stats:

  • Total Supply: 17.7B

  • Circulating Supply: On TronScan

  • Precision: 2

  • ITO Price: 1 TRX = 5 HAUS (.2 TRX)

  • Whitepaper Equivalent: TwoPager

  • Coins that remain in the Genesis wallet when the ITO concludes will be burned.


Crypto Roast Show

The FunHaus server and HAUS token combine to facilitate the creation of the Crypto Roast Show.

Landlords and community members will produce a weekly show that tears apart all the bullshit, cracks jokes, invites targets in for interviews, and puts scammers on blast.

Now, you might ask yourself how we can have that pulpit as founders of a TRC-10 token? Our response would be to kick rocks. It’s a comedy show, not a pay for play podcast masquerading as journalism. Additionally you might think Tron is a joke but the world and market entirely disagree with you.

Mechanisms are being played with that will reward HAUS holders for staying with us for the long haul. Ad revenues from the show will be entirely shared with HAUS holders. The amounts paid out will be proportionate to the % of HAUS circ. supply in your wallet, with a minimum threshold that is tbd.

We want this project to be about entertainment in all forms, and we want to share the rewards with the community that makes us fun.

Reach our Postmaster: